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2020 Grand Annual Collection

St. Pius V Grand Annual Collection 2020

The last six months have presented unique and unprecedented challenges for our families, nation, and parish community. None of us were prepared for many different hardships the current COVID-19 pandemic would create. However, God is always with us and reveals himself to us especially is the most difficult times.  One of those ways that God has presented himself in this challenging time is through you, and your generosity you have shown to our parish through you continued financial support during this pandemic. 

I come to you to ask for your financial help in the St. Pius V Grand Annual Collection 2020.  The Grand Annual Collection is vital to life and work of St. Pius V parish.  Your support of the Grand Annual Collection each year helps our parish continue to meet the financial burdens of utilities, facility upkeep, staff payroll, religious education costs, St. Pius V School subsidy and many other important ministries provided by our parish.  The shutdown we experienced during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of supplies and equipment needed to reopen our parish placed a heavy burden on our operating budget.  Your financial help in this collection is critical to helping St. Pius V parish continue it's mission of love and hope in our community. Your generous support of the St. Pius V Grand Annual Collection 2020 will help our parish continue to be the beacon of light and hope for anyone who is seeking God.   

Click the image to make your contribution to the St. Pius V Grand Annual Collection 2020 electronically.

You may also call the office during business hours for more info on how to give.  

I truly appreciate your prayers and support for a successful 2020 Grand Annual Collection.  It is a privilege to serve you and all of our warm and generous parishioners of St. Pius V parish. Your continued acts of kindness, compassion and mercy that I witness each day as your pastor are a true inspiration to my own faith. Thank You.

Peace and Blessings,

Fr. Bob Poitras