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Faith Formation

Holy Family / Saint Pius V Faith Formation

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Celebrate the Rosary

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Grades K to Five Calendar -


Recorded Opening Prayer Meeting

Registration Form Picture Release Form Tution Online K to 5 Hybrid Program

First Holy Communion Calendar 2021



First Holy Communion Sign Up How to go to Confession First Holy Commion Parent Meeting  

Grades K to 5 - Everything Needed Hybrid Learning

Important Document- Parent Guide for At Home Learning

Grade One Content Grade One Interactive Review Link Grade One Home Learning Guide Grade One What is My Child Learning Grade One Syllabus/Calendar  
Grade Two Content Grade TWO Interactive Review Link Grade TWO Home Learning Guide Grade Two What is My Child Learning Grade Two Syllabus/Calendar  
Grade Three Content Grade Three Interactive Review Link Grade Three Home Learning Guide Grade Three What is My Child Learning Grade Three Syllabus/Calendar  
Grade Four Content Grade Four Interactive Review Link Grade Four Home Learning Guide Grade Four What is My Child Learning Grade Four Syllabus/Calendar  
Grade Five Content Grade Five Interactive Review Link Grade Five Home Learning Guide Grade Five What is My Child Learning Grade Five Syllabus/Calendar YOUTUBE VIDEO

Sacramental Preparation for Children

Basic Prayers- What is the Church? Parts of the Church Confession 
Rite of Baptism    

                           Grades K to 5 Newsletters                                                

Opening of Rel Ed Sept 20

Our Lady of the Rosary

Oct 6, 2020

Seven Sorrows of Mary

Oct 18., 2020

Celebrate Mother Teresa and the Saints

October 29, 2020

Reflections, Activities, Prayer 

Mini Retreat Rosary for Kids Pray the Rosary - Handout Traditional Prayers
Divine Mercy FOR KIDS  Teaching Adoration to Kids  Parts of the Catholic Mass  Adoration ONLINE


Bishop Barron Study- Eucharist


Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Session 5 Session 6


Faith Formation Office  -- Holy Family / Saint Pius V Message 

 Considering the social distancing norms we are currently not meeting in person.

However we would be happy to assist you through phone call or email. Most questions can be answered by visiting our website.

Thank You

Contact Information We Would Be Happy to Assist Through Phone or Email

Andrew Genovese, Coordinator of Faith Formation Gr K to 5 (First Holy Communion)

Phone - 781-581-3503         Email- [email protected]

William Moglia, Director of Youth Ministry Gr 6 to Confirmation

Phone- 781-581-5932           Email- [email protected]

Chrisanne Gunderman , Religious Education Secretary

Phone- 781-581-3503           Email- [email protected]



Key Components of the Program

The Faith Formation program is centered on assisting families on how to raise their children in the practice of the Catholic Faith. 

We encourage families and invite them to pray together remembering the phrase ,"the family that prays together stays together".

The program exists to bring families closer to Jesus Christ and to share Our Catholic Faith with the families within our parishes. Faith Formation is a life long process and this is program is a ministry dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


$90 for 1 child      $130 for 2 children      $165 for 3 or more children

$75 Sacrament Supply Fee (for EACH child making the Sacrament of First Communion / Confirmation in 2020)

*PLEASE NOTE: Sacrament Supply Fee is in addition to tuition. *All forms need to be accompanied by full payment

*Concerns regarding tuition need to be discussed with any staff member.

Faith Formation Program Information

Grades Six to Confirmation Program

Our grades six to Confirmation program meetings throughout the year in a session format. This is an interactive program using a facilitation method with small group adult leadership. Our program meets on various Sunday evenings with a Mass at 5:30pm at Saint Pius V Upper Church. Please click the link "Grades Six to Confirmation Information and Curriculum" under Documents to Download at the top of the page for a copy of the class dates, class schedule and curriculum for each grade.