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2021 Grand Annual Collection

St. Pius V Grand Annual Collection 2021

As we begin the days of autumn, we do so with a guarded sense of the familiar and with a greater optimism for the days ahead.  Yes, the strains of COVID-19 remain, yet each day brings the renewed promise of hope for every parish family and for our parish.  If COVID has kept you from attending Mass please prayerfully consider returning this Sunday.  The gospel message is waiting for you and the message will certainly help you to live a stronger faith-filled Christian life.  A life of love and gratitude that God teaches us to share with all who enter our lives.

Here at Saint Pius V parish we have struggled just as many of you have.  This made it difficult to pay bills on time, so savings had to be used to pay these obligations.  Adjustments to everyday operations including Mass restrictions added numerous safety protocols and procedures that required strict adherence to diocesan and CDC guidelines.  We also had to step-up our internet capabilities so as to provide Sunday Mass online.  I am pleased to report that the parish was successful in handling these responsibilities.      

In an effort to address our financial concerns, we will once again conduct a Grand Annual Collection.   Due to the pandemic, our needs are far greater than in past years and it is my hope that all parish households will participate by making a gift or pledge according to your means and current circumstances.  As always, your level of support, is a personal decision between you and God, one that   can only be made with adequate thought and prayer.  

As will be the case this year, the Grand Annual Collection assists our parish finances in two ways:  it reduces our annual budget shortfall and it funds minor parish improvement or maintenance projects -  most of these projects having been delayed due to a lack of available funds.     

Please respond by completing the enclosed personal gift card and returning it in the envelope provided.  This can be accomplished by dropping it in the Sunday collection basket or mailing it directly to the parish.  If electronic giving is the better option for your household please click the link: Grand Annual 2021 Online Giving

It is truly an honor and privilege to serve you and Saint Pius V parish.  Our beautiful Catholic faith reminds us that Our Lord is the vine and we are His branches in both good times and bad.  We must believe and allow the love of God and His Son Jesus to pass through our limbs to all those we cherish, serve and meet.  May God’s peace be with you and those you love. 

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Robert Poitras